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Once you have had a chance to get a copy of A Drop of Ink and have read it, please let me know what you think in a comment below.

Here’s what Ellen Rocco, my bossexample of case study paper at North Country Public Radio says–but that’s a little like saying “My Mom liked it.”

“Dale’s book is beautiful to read, and beautifully printed. I am regularly amazed by his intelligence, wit and, of course, his cosmic alien quirkiness. What really lives in Dale’s brain?”

Alan Casline, who put me together with FootHills publisher Mike Czarnecki in the first place, says–

“He has written the North Country poems I couldn’t write ’causeĀ I did not know how.”

which is kind, but untrue–Alan throws down a mean line himself. But he speech informative topicsalso says of me, “He has mistaken a street light for the moon,” which is technically true, but pretty obscure.

Let me know the truth, the untruth, the kind and the obscure, at least as regards this book.

Dale Hobson

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