Chill before Dawn

Photo: Michael McCollough, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Being unable to sleep while alone can be awful. Being unable to sleep in company can be very sweet.

Chill before Dawn

Waking in the chill before dawn, I spoon to your back
touching warmth from chin to knee, one arm draped
to draw you in. You tuck it in between your own.
Content now to be sleepless, I listen to you breathe,
feel your pulse, each little adjustment to our fit.

I could stay this way until morning, but then you turn
in sleep to face me, tuck your right leg between mine.
I hook my left one over yours and arms pull us close.
If not sleep then peace – this knot of limbs and skins
that unknots care. As we lie the light grows bright.

Note: unpublished draft

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  1. mr.wakiki says:

    happy birthday.. a day or two late

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