Since I Must Go

Photo: Ben Askins, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

While I should have been letting go of all thinking behind my half-closed eyelids, I noticed instead how the creases in my cupped palms spelled out MM–memento mori. From then until the closing bell chimed, this little poem formed in mind.

Since I Must Go

Since I must go as all must go,
I pray to go like falling snow
that settles silent on the field
while white day dims to velvet dark
and nothing stirs to leave its mark.

Since I must, I hope to go like rain
into the ocean rolls, soft to reunite
again, sweetness into salt to brim,
foaming into waves once more
to break upon the farther shore.

Note: unpublished draft

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3 Responses to Since I Must Go

  1. Paul Davison says:

    Your mention of the “memento mori” marks that are on our hands,
    reminds me of when I was very young and a older cousin pointed that out to me.

    Again, an excellent written piece – very well done.

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