March 19, 203

Baghdad “Shock and Awe,” 3/19/20

We had worked hard to forestall this one, but war fever is hard to resist. A few days after it began, Terry and I wound up in Orlando. She was attending a nursing conference and I was huddled alone in a Disney World hotel room, watching CNN ’round the clock. 

March 19, 203

I was on the way back from Burlington
when the war news began to break.
I had gone as Connie’s sidekick to the
opening of O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music.

We sailed on the Grand Isle Ferry
through ice floes and dark water,
listening to calm NPR voices say
the terrible things. How many times 
I’ve traveled through the night, 
listening to war news on the radio.

This war, that war, the next war…
headlights light but a few yards ahead.

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