On Earth, an extra mouth to fill:
my people.

I will live a little yet,
'til I pray to God for death.

In a month, another hour--
but later.

Poet, psychiatrist and educator Boris Khersonsky makes his home in Odessa in the Ukraine. The poems in this volume explore the memory and memorabilia of five generations of the author's family spanning the twentieth century. Family Archives resurrects in poetry the lives of Eastern European Jews as they face World War I, the Russian Revolution and Civil War, the purges of Stalin and the Holocaust, following their stories up to the present day.
   The 27 poems of this volume, previously available only in Russian, have been translated in a collaborative effort between myself and St. Lawrence University Russian scholar Ruth Kreuzer. While I am entirely innocent of the Russian language, it was my role to return a literal English version of the work to a poetic form that retains (one hopes) the strength and clarity of the original and provides an echo of formal rhyme and meter where they have been used in the original.
Dale Hobson, co-translator