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Notes on Just Before the Fall and How it Slipped way

How it Slipped Away was written in a single session shortly after waking from the dream described. I see it as not only about the specific occasion, but about all those times when a notion comes along that could make … Continue reading

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New poem: Just Before the Fall

Just Before the Fall Once this side of the field was cleared of sumac all the way back to the wall, the sprawling japonica was beaten back to where the mower could keep it in check. Dead limbs were lopped, … Continue reading

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New poem: How it Slipped Away

In my dream a slender young woman with short black hair and large dark eyes, wearing a loose black caftan with flowers picked out upon it in embroidery floss– green, blue, purple, yellow and red– perched upon the railway ticket … Continue reading

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Revising Men at the Library

I was quite pleased with “Men at the Library” when I first posted it, hot from my fevered brow. But I soon realized that I had made a simple mistake in strategy that weakened the poem. Repeatedly, I talked about … Continue reading

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New poem: Men at the Library

Men at the Library The youngest men at the library make war with unknown adversaries all across the planet. Behind cubicle walls they flex the iron thews of their imaginations, making mutton of all comers. The next cadre came a-jog … Continue reading

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