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Hold My Glasses; Hold My Beer

I’ve gotten a little long in the tooth to be punching people in the face, though there are times when I am still tempted. Then I remember the pointlessness of it all and the stupid-making effects of holding on to … Continue reading

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Looking at Light

In the last few years, objective circumstances have not been particularly joyful, and yet joy breaks through regardless. That is because joy has nothing to do with circumstance. Looking at Light All my earliest recollections are of trauma, a bare … Continue reading

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Getting Burned

It’s a natural response to gawk at disaster, smashed cars, burning houses, crime-scene tape going up by the flashing lights of police cars. As Thurgood Marshall said, “I love peace, but I  adore a riot.” And it’s true, right up until … Continue reading

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Famous Cars of the North Country

Anyone who started their driving career in the North Country herded a lot of junk from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Unless they had family money or a clandestine pharmaceutical business, rusted-out death traps were the only wheels on offer for … Continue reading

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