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One Friday on Lawrence Avenue

I grew up in a different world known as the ’50s and ’60s. Men still wore fedoras and women still wore white gloves to church. There was a Green Stamps redemption center downtown, the original cash-back credit scheme. I attended … Continue reading

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I have long used a hand-colored detail of the so-called Flammarion engraving as a visual identifier for my website and for my nascent publishing company, Liberty Street Books. But I have never before written an ekphrastic poem using the piece. … Continue reading

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Praising Trillium

I’ve been reviewing nearly 20 years of Listening Post newsletters I wrote for North Country Public Radio and keep coming across excerpts of prose that easily convert to poetry. Here’s a poem extracted from a post about one of my … Continue reading

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Living in the Immaterial World

This falls into the category of things I had forgotten that I had written. The genre might be called pre-postmodern Luddite rant. Down the iHole First it ate the wall phone and the wiresthen all the clocks and all their … Continue reading

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