Your life as explained by Ouspensky

"Even the problem of Time is simple in comparison with the problem of Eternity." --P.D. Ouspensky

My friend Allen Hoey was fascinated with the esoteric multiverse philosophies of¬†Gurdjieff and his follower, the mathmetician Ouspensky. Here’s a primer, as best I understand.

Your life as explained by Ouspensky

Every choice in life splits you in two–
the you who married the girl and you
who did not. For every bullet you dodged,
there is another you, shot to the heart.

Over the course of time, your life
resembles a worm, with a fetus
for a tail and a corpse for a snout,
writhing, derailing the lives you touch.

There are whole graveyards full of you,
full of your victims. And when the bullet
comes for this you, there will be another
luckier bastard to carry on instead.

No matter, we are all just “food for the moon,”
Gurdjieff, his esoteric mentor, said.
What he meant by that, you’ll have to ask
the you who chose to go to graduate school.

Dale Hobson 2/1/16

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