The answer to everything

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Life is full of complicated questions, seemingly impervious to solution, no matter how you clench the jaw or chew the pillow. The mind backs up like bad plumbing. Everything starts to smell a little funky. Luckily for us, every now and then all those complicated questions will find a simple answer.

The answer to everything

Needing once again to be out of the house,
I invent a few errands in town and ride out
into the full fresh green of June. A perfect day,
when all the tired old earth’s hurts are hid.

These cool mid-June days – just enough breeze
to keep the bugs at bay, but buttery with sun,
and such a hullabaloo of puffy clouds carpets
a sky that couldn’t be any bluer if it played the sax.

This is a day that has the answer to everything.
Pandemic? Green leaves, blue sky, white clouds.
Anxiety? Green leaves, blue sky, white clouds.
Anger? Green leaves, blue sky, white clouds.

Tires singing on the road, scent of pine and water
rushing in through the rolled-down windows.
For now, I’m happy as a house-bound workaholic
can be. Out of the house, out of my worried mind.


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2 Responses to The answer to everything

  1. mr.wakiki says:

    I always enjoy your ‘voice’ and the weave of an internal rhyme

    That puffs the spirit of the moment in some transcendental flossing of the mind

  2. Ronald Lee Hagelund says:

    “The Answer to Everything” is as advertised & titled…I’m feeling great weight lifting & light wings accompanying joy! Thanks for the detour.

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