Freezing Rain Satori

Photo: Austin Kirk, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

You know how it is when you are going along a road you drive every day and you top a rise just as late golden light floods the long valley ahead. Sometimes a glamor is cast over the ordinary world, and in that moment, the light shines right through you. You might cling to such a moment, if only you could.

Freezing Rain Satori

It makes no sound in the night, the freezing rain,
as it thickens on twig and needle the way you dip
a wick over and over ’til it waxes into a candle.

Then, when morning breaks clear, all the candles
are set ablaze. The lilacs that bow to the ground
shimmer; look how the bent pine boughs shine.

Such a profligate abundance of light I blink to see.
Just this yard, just the world, but all transformed,
if only for a little moment before the rain returns.

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1 Response to Freezing Rain Satori

  1. How beautiful…the word images have lit up my mind’s eye..and tingled my skin…with memories of just such experiences.

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