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Waiting Room

When times are dark and seem to be getting darker, sweet pastoral reflections feel a little disingenuous. Waiting Room Each of these lines contains five silent prayers, accent falling on the silence. Rhyme scheme is irregular as nothing is similar … Continue reading

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Reading Chinese poets

I first started reading Chinese poetry in high school. transporting myself from small-town ’60s America into mountains and rivers without end. Now I find myself going back to the first books I bought for myself back then and re-reading them … Continue reading

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In the Summer of Fever

When I wrote “In the Spring of Fever,” I hoped that one season would do it. Alas. This poem came to me out of the weird congruence between such a beautiful summer and the grinding fear and anxiety of a … Continue reading

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Back to the Table

Here is an occasional poem I wrote back in 2011 as a table grace for a GardenShare event in Canton, NY. GardenShare is a locavore organization that shares the bounty with schools and food pantries, etc., and promotes sustainable agriculture … Continue reading

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The answer to everything

Life is full of complicated questions, seemingly impervious to solution, no matter how you clench the jaw or chew the pillow. The mind backs up like bad plumbing. Everything starts to smell a little funky. Luckily for us, every now … Continue reading

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In the spring of fever

Staying home is light duty when compared to the daily round of danger faced by health workers and all the other essential neighbors who live fully exposed to the coronavirus pandemic. But even light duty gets old after long enough. … Continue reading

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Snow Day

I remember how eagerly I used to listen for the school closings on WPDM when I was a kid. Will it be a snow day? I think my father, being a teacher, listened with similar anticipation. A snow day was … Continue reading

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The other village

November is a time to remember those who have left our world. There’s All Souls Day and Veterans Day. The sky fills with birds, flying into the distance. The leaves have fallen and the ground hardened with frost. There is … Continue reading

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Beside the waters

  I’ve always been grateful to the local chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club for cutting and maintaining the Red Sandstone Trail behind my house along the Raquette River from Hannawa Falls down Sugar Island almost to the village. Before … Continue reading

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New book “Light Year” released August 2

“Light Year” was launched Friday, August 2, 2019 by Liberty Street Books, Potsdam, NY. Light Year poems by Dale Hobson, illustrations by Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda 64 pgs., perfect bound paperback with 12 color illustrations by Suzanne Langelier-Lebeda ISBN 978-0-578-53780-1 Price: $18.00 Order … Continue reading

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