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In the Rare Book Room

The Strand Bookstore in NYC is a bibliophile’s dream, staffed with eccentric experts on arcane subjects, populated by floor after floor of every title imaginable. At the very top is the rare book room, a temperature- and humidity- controlled environment … Continue reading

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Digging into Metaphysics

To be taken seriously as a poet, sometimes you have to swim into deeper waters, reckon with the whichness of what and unscrew the inscrutable. Digging into Metaphysics What makes humans human–imageof God? Featherless biped? What?  Some say “the animal … Continue reading

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Another shiny new poem smelted from the rusty ore of old “Listening Post” prose. Mousetraps For years I had the dismal duty of adding tiny forlorn corpses to the household trash. One fall, during the first cold snap (the kickoffof rodent … Continue reading

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October 15, 1969

Many folks from Potsdam went to DC for the big Vietnam  Moratorium March that day, but those who stayed behind marched here in Potsdam and read the names of the dead from a little stage set up  in front of (old) Snell … Continue reading

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No Cure for Leonard Cohen

All kinds of music gets stuck in the top of my mind: pop tunes, carols, hymns, blues. I walk to their refrain for half a day, then pass on to something else. But some music wraps around the brain stem, … Continue reading

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EarthSky News explains Genesis

EarthSky News explains Genesis In the beginning,after the Big Bang,stars in clustersformed invisibleto one another throughdense hydrogen gas.Space was opaque.And darkness was uponthe face of the deep. Starshine slowly ionizedthe gas, turning it clear.First one, then manyglimmers could be seen. … Continue reading

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Sun on the Garden

After years of benign neglect, I’ve been spending time and money in the nurseries and garden tool departments of the hardware store. And I find that working in the garden feels satisfying solid in comparison to the airier pursuits of … Continue reading

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Continuing Resolutions

While helping a friend clean out her house in preparation for a cross-country relocation, another helper asked me if I had ever published a particular poem in one of my books. I had read it live on-air for the January … Continue reading

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Young and Old

I started this poem Sunday, before snow fell upon the daffodils of today’s haiku. But even a foolish hope is better than none. I have this notion that wisdom is more for the brain, whereas the heart is given to … Continue reading

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April haiku

Snowflakes are fallngon seventeen daffodilsbeside the old well

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